The number of international employees and students in Europe is growing rapidly; more than 10 percent of the students in the Netherlands come from abroad and many courses are taught in English.

In which countries is English
widely spoken?

Ranking of European countries by the level of proficiency in English as a second language:

1. Sweden
2. The Netherlands
3. Norway
4. Denmark
5. Luxembourg

6. Finland
7. Slovenia
8. Germany
9. Belgium
10. Austria

Where do international students
in the Netherlands come from?

Countries of origin of international diploma students from outside the EU in the Netherlands, in 2017-2018:

1. China: 4,475
2. India: 2,021
3. Indonesia: 1,482
4. US: 1,085
5. Russia: 789

‘It starts with personal leadership’

‘An international career starts with personal leadership,’ says Eric Dooms, Associate Professor of Strategy at TIAS School for Business and Society and Academic Director of the MBA program. ‘This means you know what you can do and what your limits are. You stand for what you find important, but you are also open other people’s opinions. You can only lead others if you are confident yourself.’

‘International education or work is often a transformational journey’

‘Studying or working abroad is often a transformational journey,’ according to Jalal Ashayeri, Professor of Supply Chain Management at TIAS School for Business and Society. ‘A good university will guide you through this process. Together with other international students, you will be introduced to the country’s culture and the prevailing organizational culture. By improving your intercultural communication skills and personal branding, you can quickly acquire the qualities that you need for a successful international career.’

5 reasons to
choose TIAS

Why do students choose TIAS School for Business and Society?

1. Provider of the best Master’s program in the Netherlands (*1)
2. Extensive guidance program for foreign students
3. Strong international focus
4. Clear and small-scale approach: small classes
5. Large number of English-language

*1 according to the Keuzegids Masters 2019 (Master’s Selection Guide 2019)